Silverfin integration

Activating the Silverfin integration in Penneo

In order to activate the Silverfin integration in Penneo for your company account, you need to be a company administrator. The pictures below shows you how to proceed with the activation:


Go to your company configuration page and manage third party integrations


Click to enable the Silverfin integration


You will have to log into Silverfin and approve that the Penneo integration can access data in your Silverfin account


If everything has been done correctly, the Silverfin integration will now show as being active

Sending documents from Silverfin through Penneo

Once you have enabled the Silverfin integration in Penneo, you will have a new action to "Send to Penneo" both for folders and documents in Silverfin. Invoking this action in a folder will transfer all documents, signers and document types to Penneo.


Click "Send to Penneo" to start a workflow in Penneo Desktop

Sending the signers data

In order to send the signers together with the documents, you need to make sure to have created/configured a template in Silverfin, and to make sure to select the template when exporting the documents from the "block builder" in the export functionality.

Sending Silverfin Permanent text

This integration supports the permanent text document. When clicking the "send to Penneo" button, the document will be converted into a PDF, and then added to the payload.