API integration essentials

On these pages, we'll guide you through the most basic version of the steps necessary to integrate with Penneo's API. You'll usually want to do 3 main things:

  1. Configure and send casefiles
  2. Retrieve completed casefiles
  3. Check the status of your casefiles

You might also want to take advantage of casefile templates, if you're dealing with one or two complex workflows. If you're doing something simple, or if you have a lot of different workflows, we recommend that you skip using templates, as they are not currently configurable.

If you're using our validation product, you'll probably also want to be able to configure and send them through the API.

The steps are more or less the same wether you integrate straight to the API, or use an SDK. Check the API documentation for the endpoint you're using for additional options.

Also, we don't spend time worrying about authentication here in our examples, as. You can read the section on auth here.