Silverfin integration for Users

This guide describes how to enable and use the Silverfin integration to transfer documents from Silverfin to Penneo.

Activating the Silverfin integration in Penneo

Begin by accessing your company account and navigating to the company settings.

In the company settings, you will see a button labeled "Manage third party Integrations." Click on this button to begin the integration process.



Only admins can enable/disable the integration

In order to activate the Silverfin integration in Penneo for your company account, you need to be a company administrator.

Enter the Silverfin domain towards you want the integration to connect.
This can be either the sandbox domain "sandbox", the production domain "live", or your own SSO domain.

Once you have entered the appropriate domain, click the "enable" button to continue.

Depending on your setup, you may need to log in to Silverfin or give consent to the integration to use your Silverfin data.
Follow the prompts to complete these steps if necessary.

Once the integration is active, you will see the status displayed as "active" and a red deactivation button will be available.

Sending documents from Silverfin to Penneo

Once you have enabled the Silverfin integration in Penneo, you will have a new action called "Send to Penneo" in the documents and the reconciliations sections in Silverfin

You can send an entire folder with all the documents inside or a single document or permanent text.
For more details see What can be sent

From the actions menu, click the "Send to Penneo" button.
The integration will then begin processing the documents - and document types, signers, and signers roles if available, and creating a CaseFile in Penneo.

Send to Penneo button in the documents view

In this example, we have a folder that contains some permanent texts from the Legal Documents bundle "BE Legal documents (Dutch)".

Send to Penneo button in the reconciliations view

In this example, we have a document called Annual Report from the new Legal Documents bundles in the reconciliations section.

A new window will open and you will be asked to confirm the selected Penneo's Signing Flow or to choose a different one from the dropdown window.

The list of available signing flows depends on the ones enabled for your account on Penneo. If you require different ones please make a request to our support centre.


Once confirmed, the import of documents will start in real time.


You can close the window!

While we suggest staying on the window until the process finishes - typically a few seconds, you can freely close the window or even shut down your computer.
The process will continue in the background and the caseFile will be saved in your Penneo account.

When the draft is ready, click the green "Open the draft on Penneo" button to view the draft in Penneo.


Naming conventions

The caseFile on Penneo will be named after the Silverfin folder from where you started the process.
Every document will be named accordingly with the name of the Silverfin document as it was in the folder.

Review the caseFile and validate it as needed.

If you used a properly configured template in Silverfin, you will also see that the integration matched the document types and singers' roles in the caseFile.
For more info see Sending the signers data

When you are ready to send the caseFile, follow the prompts in Penneo to complete the process, as you would normally do.

What can be sent

Workflows and Reconciliations

You can send an entire workflow or a single reconciliation from Silverfin's Workflows section.

By default, only the starred reconciliations will be sent. Feel free to select one or more before clicking on the "Send to Penneo" button.

In this example, only those 3 starred reconciliations were transferred to Penneo.

In this example, only those 3 starred reconciliations were transferred to Penneo.

Note: Reconciliations that are in the Preparation, Voorbereiding or Préparation section will never be sent, whether they are starred or not.

Silverfin's Legal Documents

The Legal Documents, Wettelijke verslaggeving or Rapports légaux workflow is fully managed by Silverfin and already preconfigured to match the Belgian legal document signing flows in Penneo:

  • BE - Formele Bundel - Jaarrekening
  • EN - Formal Bundle - Annual Accounts
  • (FR) Liasse Fiscale - Comptes Annuels

In the Settings, Instellingen or Paramètres procès-verbal reconciliation you can select which language to use when exporting the reconciliations, and the caseFile will be created with the corresponding signing flow.

Note: Changing the signing flow during the import process to one that does not match the selected language will cause the match of document types and roles to fail.

The same is true when the corresponding legal document signing flow isn't enabled on your company's Penneo account and another flow is used instead. To resolve this, please contact our support centre and ask for the enablement of the correct signing flow.

Folders, documents and permanent texts

You can send all the documents and permanent text that are inside a folder, private or not.

Be aware though, that If you are sending a folder, only documents and permanent text will be sent, any other file or folder inside that folder will be ignored.


You can send any document, manually uploaded or generated through Silverfin.

Permanent texts

You can send any permanent text. These will be first automatically converted into PDFs by Silverfin and then sent through the integration when you start the process.