Checking casefile status

Once you've sent your first casefiles, you'll want to check up on them from time to time. You can do this for individual casefiles, or pull a list of all of them. But first, you'll want to know which statuses a casefile can have:

  1. New: The case file hasn't been sent out for signing yet
  2. Pending: The case file is out for signing
  3. Rejected: One of the signers has rejected to sign
  4. Deleted: The case file has been out for signing but have since been deleted
  5. Signed: The case file is signed, but the signed documents are not generated
  6. Completed: The signing process is completed
  7. Failed: An error occurred, either as a result of invalid/incomplete input or system error.

Let's see what checking the status of an individual casefile looks like:

// Check casefile status

GET <<penneo_api_base_url>>/casefiles/<casefile id>

// You want the "status" parameter. Possible values:

// 0 : 'new' 
// 1 : 'pending' 
// 2 : 'rejected' 
// 3 : 'deleted' 
// 4 : 'signed' 
// 5 : 'completed' 
// 6 : 'failed'
// Retrieve a specific case file (by id)

var myCaseFile = Query.Find<CaseFile>(<casefile id>);

// This returns the status of the case file as a string.
// Retrieve a specific case file (by id)

$myCaseFile = CaseFile::find(<casefile id>);
echo $myCaseFile->getStatus();

// This returns the status of the case file as a string.

Easy peasy, but what if you're handling large volumes?

Basically if you leave out the ID, you'll get a list of all the casefiles your credentials give you access to. See the page on retrieving completed casefiles, and leave out the status filter.

You can see your options for filtering etc here: