Silverfin Integration for developers

The following section describes how to use Silverfin Templating Language to ensure a correct types match is achieved in Penneo.

Silverfin Templating Language (STL)

Thanks to Silverfin Templating Language it is possible to instruct the integration to assign Penneo's signing flows, document types and signers roles to the caseFiles created from Silverfin documents via the integration.

For more information about Silverfin Templating Language see the docs at

Signing Flows

To ensure the correct signing flow (also called caseFileType in our API) a specific liquid code tag, the signing_workflow, must be set in the document or reconciliation template.

For example:

{% result "signing_workflow" "Annual Accounts" %}

This will instruct the integration to automatically select the Annual Accounts signing flow in Penneo when creating the caseFile.

Note: the caseFileType must be enabled and visible/selectable in the Penneo account in which the user is creating the caseFile. If not, please contact our support centre and ask for the enablement of the correct signing flow.

Sending multiple documents/reconciliations

Since the above-mentioned tag is on the document/reconciliation level, if your user sends multiple documents to Penneo, the integration will loop through the documents to find the first available tag to identify which signing flow to use.

For this reason is highly recommended to include the signing_workflow tag in all the templates that refer to the same documents' export or reconciliations' workflow.

Document types

For the document type use the signing_doc_name tag.

{% result "signing_doc_name" "Annual Report" %}

This will instruct the integration to automatically select the Annual Report type for the document uploaded in the previously created Simple Document caseFile.

Signers and Signers' roles

For the signers and their roles use the signmarker tag.

{% signmarker name:"Anna Andersen" email:"[email protected]" role:"Shareholder" %}

This will instruct the integration to automatically add a signer, with name and email, to the Penneo caseFile, specifying the Shareholder role.

Read more about signmarker on Silverfin STL documentation.


Matching is done by string comparison!

Our integration will compare the value for the caseFileType, documentType or signerRole from Silverfin with what is available in Penneo based on a basic string comparison.

Please always ensure the string are technically equal (spelling, capital letters, non-latin characters) or the match will fail.

Copy recipients

The copy recipients functionality uses a combination of the capture tag and the custom tag penneo_copyrecipients.

In the following example, the capture tag will store a JSON array in a variable called copyrecipients which is then passed to the penneo_copyrecipients tag which is what the integration will read.

{% capture copyrecipients %}[{"name":"Mette Mortensen","email":"[email protected]"},{"name":"Maria Jensen","email":"[email protected]"}]{% endcapture %}
{% result "penneo_copyrecipients" copyrecipients %},

This will instruct the integration to add two copy recipients, with name and email, to the Penneo caseFile.


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