Archiving documents for the company

Access to company wide documents can be given to a user only after Penneo gets a signed authorization

By default, a user can only access the documents that he/she owns. If you want to access documents that belong to another user of your organization, Penneo requires authorization before such access is given to the user. If you require a user that needs to archive company wide documents, follow these steps:

1. Create an API user

You need an API user that will be used for archiving.

2. Associate an E-ID with that user

Add an E-ID credential type e.g. NemID, BankID etc for that user and login using those credentials. This is required so that Penneo know the identity of the person getting access to the API credentials.

3. Get a signed authorization

Penneo requires a signed authorization from the CEO / Board or someone who has the power to make this decision on behalf of the company before access to company documents is given to said user. The authorization must mention the name and the serial number of the E-ID associated with the user.

4. Contact Penneo support to enable company wide access

With the signed authorization, please contact [email protected] and we'll take it from there.

5. Penneo locks the user

Once the API user has been upgraded so that it can access company wide documents, all credential types other than API credentials will be removed or disabled. It will be locked for further modifications. Administrators will not be able to manage it i.e. change the email, add more credential types etc.