Archiving signed documents

You might not want to use Penneo for archiving your signed documents. In fact you might have your own dedicated document management system build for this exact purpose.

Using the API

Using the Penneo API you can create a recurring task that:

  1. Reads out the signed documents from Penneo once they are finalized
  2. Store the documents in your own archive
  3. Delete the documents from the Penneo archive

Using the email flow

When the signing process has completed, Penneo can send out the documents via email. It is possible to archive the documents using these emails. This is especially useful if you already have an archiving solution that supports email processing.

To use this approach it requires that the documents do not contain sensitive data (that can't be sent unencrypted) or that you are able to receive encrypted emails. Please note that you will still be required to use the API if you want to delete the documents from the Penneo archive once they have been archived in your own system.